877-587-5727 is Citibank

If you’re receiving telephone calls from 877-587-5727, the calls may be coming from Citibank. Calls from 877-587-5727 could constitute telephone harassment under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. If so, you could sue the caller and obtain up to $500 per call – and three times that if the caller knowingly and willfully violated the statute.

Your TCPA Checklist

Telephone calls from 877-587-5727 may be considered violations of the federal TCPA. Here is a quick checklist you can use to see if you might be eligible to sue in federal court:

  1. You got calls before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m. in your time zone
  2. You got a pre-recorded call – sometimes known as a “robocall” on your cell phone without your permission.
  3. The person calling didn’t provide their name, the name of the company, and the phone number or address of the business.
  4. You received the telephone call even though you put your number on the Do-Not-Call Registry
  5. You previously requested to be placed on the caller’s do-not-call list, and they called again.

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